The 2018-2019 Curling World Cup was held at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre, in Suzhou, China. It then headed to the Ralston Arena in Omaha, United States, before leg three was hosted by Jonkoping Curling Club, in Jonkoping, Sweden. The Grand Final was played in the Shougang Arena in Beijing, China.

Each event had its own unique colour scheme based on the brand identity of the series. These distinctions were most prominent on perimeter boards and in the design of the houses.

About the World Curling Federation

The World Curling Federation is the international sport federation governing the Olympic winter sport of curling and the Paralympic winter sport of wheelchair curling. The World Curling Federation is one of seven International Federations currently part of the Olympic Winter Games programme. It represents 61 Member Associations and is generally acknowledged to direct one of the fastest-growing international winter sports.

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