Grand Final - Beijing, China


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I'm afraid it's come to the end. What a week, what an event and what a season. The Curling World Cup is here to stay!

As the Shougang Arena is in shut-down mode, hardly recognisable from an hour ago, let's reflect on what has been a truly special inaugural season.

  • 11 winners
  • 3 continents
  • $USD 775,000 in prize money awarded
  • 4 venues
  • 1,000s of spectators
  • 300 games
  • 72 session
  • 183 players

From Suzhou to Omaha, Jonkoping to Beijing. From the shivering cold and snowy Sweden, to the hot and humid Beijing. From shoot-outs to timing restrictions, eight ends to power-plays. From Team Thomas Ulsrud's swansong this week, to the emergence of Kadriana Sahaidak and Colton Lott.

The Curling World Cup has captured people's attention from all over the world. We've seen it all. And who could forget our winners?


Team Rachel Homan

Team Kevin Koe



Team Satsuki Fujisawa

Team John Shuster



Team Minji Kim

Team Matt Dunstone


Grand Final:

Team Jennifer Jones

Team Kevin Koe


Farewell from Beijing! We hope you've enjoyed our coverage this week and there will be plenty more reaction to come over the next few days. Stay tuned, until then - good curling.

Silver medal for Switzerland

It's been a phenomenal season for Team Silvana Tirinzoni. We can't wait to see what next season has in store for you...

Team Jones celebrating after historic win

Special moment for Canada...

'This really hurt' says Swiss skip

“We didn’t play good enough."We got back into it towards the middle, but we lost a little bit of focus and made some easy mistakes. Overall, we’ve had a great season, so we can’t be too sad but right now, it really hurts.

“We’ve had a tough season with lots of games but to come here this week we had to get ourselves into that mood and we did great in doing so.

“We really wanted to win and played some great shots throughout the week, but we came up short to such a great team.”

Jones reacts to gold medal

“It was such a battle out there and make some big shots when we had to. Playing with Jill and Shannon again and to come out of top is amazing.

“There were a few tense moments, but Shannon made two beauty draws in the last end to set up the steal for us

“It was a great way to end the season. It was a little sad to be away on Mother’s Day, but this makes it feel a little better.”

Close finish

It needed something from out of this world and unfortunately for Switzerland, it wasn't to be. A superb match to watch. It had the crowd on the edge of their seats throughout. Lots of reaction to come shortly from a cracking game and event as a whole. Don't leave us just yet...


TEAM JENNIFER JONES HAS WON! What a game. Well played both teams!

But it’s Canada who win!

Last stone coming up

The last stone of the season. Jones sits two, lots of guards in place. Near impossible shot to force a shoot-out or win.

1747: Right to the wire

Switzerland force Canada to take two and it's going to the last end.

The final end of the Curling World Cup 2018-2019 season. The 300th game. What a match this has been!! More than swings and roundabouts than a school playground.

Question is: Will there be a shoot-out to finish the Grand Final? We've yet to have one in any previous 11 finals. It's intense. Switzerland trail 8-7.

You can see how hungry both teams are for this and the crowd are fully invested. Who's your pick?

1741: Terrific final

Alina Paetz and Jennifer Jones are have a real battle out here. It's complete and utter drama. The Canadian skip can't stop Switzerland from recording a double take-out for three.

Miraculously, Switzerland now lead we two ends left. What an excellent final this has been - Jones looks a little unsettled...