Third Leg - Jonkoping, Sweden


Live Blog

1737: Ouch...

That might well do it. Anna Hasselborg misses a double takeout attempt and that could be all she wrote. It just kisses the second rock and stays in the house. Korea draw for two and going into the final couple of ends 6-3 up.

Korea are close to redemption. But it would be silly to write off a team like Sweden who have such illustrious accolades. Will they go for it in the seventh?

The force is strong in this young Korean team. Here's the raise takeout/runback...
1652: Classy Kim shot

Those angles are perfect. Minji Kim delivers a pinpoint raise angled takeout which takes two of Sweden's rocks out of play. Another deuce for Korea and Sweden are trailing 4-1.

It's not time for worried faces, but Hasselborg's rink need a response quickly. They are in danger of letting this slip out of reach...

As for Kim. At 19 years of age - are you kidding me?

1633: Sweden on the board

Positive: Sweden are on the board with one point

Negative: A missed opportunity to make two from Sweden

Anna Hasselborg's last rock didn't curl enough for the attempted soft tap back, but they do still take one, which should ease the nerves of the Olympic champs!

1621: Early lead to Korea

Not an ideal start for Team Hasselborg, but you can tell Team Minji Kim are up for this. Redemption has been on their minds since 9 December.

The two points are recorded for the Koreans as skip Kim hits Sweden's rock out of the house. The Swedes get behind their team with a supportive chant. Korea lead 2-0 after the first end.

McManus preview

Fancy a little read while the final goes on? Aside from this live blog, of course. We spoke to Team Hasselborg third, Sara McManus about competing in her back yard and the pressures of elite sport. It's pretty good, dare I say (as the author)...

Click here for the article.

1611: Off we go...

What a fantastic way to finish. Can Team Hasselborg send the crowd home happy or will their be redemption for Team Minji Kim?


We are 74 games down, ONE to go. Sweden’s Team Anna Hasselborg face Korea’s Team Minji Kim in the Jonkoping finale.

One team was in Suzhou's final, the other in Omaha's. Both fell to defeats. Who will book their spots in Beijing? 20 minutes to go...

Winning skip reacts

Matt Dunstone was understandably thrilled with his side's win. We spoke to him soon after he stepped off the ice:

"I think we made a statement this week for sure. We didn’t even expect to be in this event at the beginning of the year so to come here and take advantage of it beating a world-class team like Sweden, we’re going to be celebrating this one.”

"It was probably my worst game of the week personally but we hung in there. Niklas missing that split in seven was the turning point in the game to give us hammer coming home. Complete game changer when Edin missed his shot in the sixth.

"[On Grand Final] It will be a heck of a field. I never thought in a million years I would be in China twice in sixth months. It will be a lot of fun, another world-class event I’m sure and hopefully win another chunk of change there."

Edin react to final loss

Speaking after his team's fourth final loss this season: "It was a close game and it was pretty well played as well. We made a few too many positional errors we didn’t get rocks in the right placements early on.

"We kept it close, tied after six ends it’s pretty close to 50/50, but then i missed my draw in seven - that changed a lot. but it always felt like we were one step behind the whole game."