Each event, including the Grand Final, will have competitions for women, men and mixed doubles and will last five days, starting on a Wednesday and finishing on a Sunday.

Games will be eight ends as standard and, in each discipline, there will be two groups of four.

Teams will play a double round robin, with the teams finishing top of their groups moving into finals that will decide the winners.

In a move away from other international curling championships, there will be no extra ends to decide tied games. Instead, there will be a one stone shoot-out, for each team, with the team closest to the button winning the game.

Expanding on that idea, teams will be handed three points for a win in eight ends and two points if they win after a shoot-out. The team that loses the shoot-out gets a single point and a losing team after eight ends gets no points. In addition, the winning team, in each discipline, will get ten points and the runner-up five points. These Curling World Cup Points are accumulated in each discipline throughout the first three legs and credited to the Member Associations, to establish the Curling World Cup ranking.

If any teams are tied, in their respective groups, at the end of the round robin the following criteria is used to break the tie:

1) Teams with more points out of the direct games are ranked higher

2) If teams have the same points out of direct games the teams with more three points wins are ranked higher

3) If teams have the same points out of direct games and same amount of three points wins, the teams with more wins in general are ranked higher

4) If teams can’t be ranked clearly as stated above, the position of any tied teams ranked between 3-8 will be decided by their Member Associations' respective World Ranking. The top two teams in each group, if they remain level, will be decided by a 'Team Shoot-Out’;

* Women/Men: all four players throw a single stone from the away end to the home end; Turns: 2x clockwise and 2x counter-clockwise; the average result of the best three results will be the ‘Team Shoot-Out Result’

* Mixed Doubles: Both players throw a single stone; both turns have to be played (clockwise and counter-clockwise); the average result of both results will be the ‘Team Shoot-Out Result’

Other variations are:

Coaches will be positioned at ice level and can interact with the athletes between ends;

Rather than thinking time allocated for the full game, teams will have time allocated for each end:

* For women’s and men’s games, from ends one to four, teams will have four minutes thinking time and four minutes 15 seconds from ends five to eight.

* In mixed doubles, it will be two minutes 50 seconds and then three minutes.