7 May 2019

A quick Q&A with Canada’s Walker and Muyres

© WCF / Céline Stucki

Laura Walker and Kirk Muyres give us a little insight into their lives...

Who’s the best mortgage broker? What’s their favourite shot? And which of their home towns is best to visit? Ahead of the Curling World Cup Grand Final, we spoke to Canadian mixed doubles duo, Laura Walker and Kirk Muyres, and got to know a little more about the Suzhou champions.

Let's start with the good old classic! One down with the hammer or one up without?

Kirk Muyres: One up without! Can't ever complain about leading!

Laura Walker: In mixed doubles, probably down one with. Especially if we have the powerplay...

Kirk, you're from Saskatchewan and Laura, you live in Alberta. If I was travelling to Canada, which province should I be spending the most time in?

KM: Saskatchewan has beautiful lakes and forests up north and vast prairies down south, Alberta has the Rocky Mountains… you choose, but I am always taking beautiful Saskatchewan!!

LW: It has to be the Rockies in Alberta!! It's so beautiful, I'm in awe every time I visit the mountains.

Favourite Chinese food?

KM: Chow Mein or Ginger Beef!

LW: Can you ever go wrong with chicken balls?!

Instagram, Facebook or Twitter?

KM: Twitter!

LW: Instagram

A week in the sun or a week exploring a city?

KM: Exploring a City – I LOVE architecture.

LW: How about a sunny city?? I love relaxing in the sun but always want to mix in a bit of exploring.

You both work for different mortgage companies as brokers. Who provides the best mortgage?

KM: I would almost guarantee Laura!!!!

LW: If you're looking in Alberta, I'm your only option. I'll give Kirk Saskatchewan though...

Favourite shot to play?

KM: Apparently, a draw to the button – play it non-stop in mixed doubles.

LW: Same. Draw to the button. I probably never would have picked this before mixed doubles, but now it's something I love to play.

Growing up, who did you idolise on the ice and why?

KM: Pat Simmons was the premier Saskatchewan player through my early teens and I wanted nothing more than to be at the top of the game in Saskatchewan!

LW: I've always looked up to Cheryl Bernard. Her performance at the 2010 Olympics to be as clutch as she was, and also have the perspective on life she has, I think is so admirable.

Favourite music to listen to?

KM: Probably country, but I’m very flexible and open to all genres!

LW: Country mostly but will listen to a little bit of everything!

Greatest movie ever made?

KM: Men with Brooms...

LW: The Lion King.

What is your proudest curling moment?

KM: Playing in my first Brier in 2014!

LW: Bouncing back so quickly after losing the semi at the World Championship with Kirk and playing one of our best games to win a bronze medal.

Lastly, do you have any pre-game/post-game rituals and what are they?

KM: I wouldn’t stay I am superstitious, but I am a ‘littlestitious’ as Michael Scott would say. But not much, just go through my notes before game and get my mind focused with a few primers.

LW: Kirk is lying!! At the 2018 Canadian Mixed Doubles he had driven us to every game, so we left my car at the hotel on the final Sunday even though we checked out so that he could drive. I like to say I'm not superstitious but also don't like to change much when things are working!

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