4 May 2019

Canada’s Sahaidak and Lott ready for Beijing test

© WCF / Céline Stucki

The young pair are aiming for Grand Final glory in China.

Kadriana Sahaidak and Colton Lott’s triumph in Jonkoping – which included victories over two Olympic medal-winners – caught everybody’s attention. They’re now keen to make an even bigger splash in Beijing.

Sahaidak, 19, who has only been curling competitively since the start of the season, said they are “beyond excited” to arrive in China for the first time.

The Canadian couple sealed their spot in Beijing after defeating Omaha champion Kristin Skaslien and 2014 world champion Thomas Ulsrud 7-5 in the leg three final.

Reflecting on their sensational victory in Sweden, Sahaidak said: “Competing at such a high level of curling was, and still is, quite the experience.

“Every time I think about our win in Jonkoping it brings a smile to my face and makes us so proud of ourselves in every way knowing any team is beatable in mixed doubles. The experience has also prepared us for what’s to come in China.”

If there were nerves below the surface, Sahaidak did a tremendous job in hiding them during leg three – producing a number of superb shots when required, which she believes is down to Lott’s approach to the ice.

Sahaidak’s partnership with Colton also caught the eye of fellow Canadian Matt Dunstone – also a winner in Jonkoping – who was “impressed” with their confidence on the ice.

“Colton and I clicked extremely well right from the start,” said Sahaidak. “We just both feel extremely comfortable when playing together.

“When we play together, we help and support each other so well. When I need to make a tough shot, he’ll always let me know it’s makeable and that I can do it.

“He’s such a great partner to have and I know I can ask him anything. I honestly couldn’t see myself curling mixed doubles with anyone else.

© WCF / Céline Stucki

“When Colton and I first linked on the ice, all I remember is I wasn’t as experienced at curling as he was. So knowing I'm curling with someone who's been in so many junior events and is such an amazing curler is great.

Alongside the Manitoban pair in Group B are 2018 world champions Michele Jaeggi and Sven Michel, Olympic bronze medallist Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten and 2018 world silver medallists Maria Komarova and Daniil Goriachev.

“We just know we go into any event strong minded and ready for anything to happen. We’re just so pumped to be able to wear the maple leaf across the world.

“The Curling World Cup is such an amazing event. It just started and they’re already doing such a great job. Knowing how great it is makes me want to keep competing in their events and any event.”

Looking beyond the Grand Final, Sahaidak admitted she’s given the Beijing Olympics in 2022 “plenty of thought” in recent months, with the opportunity to compete in the same city providing motivation.

"Knowing we’re going where they’re going to be held in a few years’ time makes me wants to prepare so much harder to become a good enough curler in order to compete at the highest level.

“I can’t wait to see what next season holds for us. I’d like to have earlier practicing schedule for next season to be fully prepared for the curling season.”

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