1 August 2018

Curling World Cup - so what's new?

The key format changes you'll see during the inaugural four-leg international series

When the Curling World Cup begins in Suzhou, China in September, you will notice some small but significant differences to the sport's other global competitions.

These format changes are designed to make the four-game international series more exciting and dynamic for curling fans as well as appealing to new audiences.

The format changes will apply to all three disciplines – women, men and mixed doubles – and include:

  • No extra ends to decide tied games. Instead, there will be a one-stone shoot-out with the team closest to the button winning the game.
  • Teams will receive three points for a win in eight ends, two if they win after a shoot-out and one if they lose the shoot-out.
  • An additional, single-stone shoot-out will be staged between teams tied for first place at the end of the round-robin section.
  • Coaches will be positioned at ice level and will be able to interact with the athletes between ends.
  • Teams will have 'thinking time' allocated for each end, rather than the full game. For women’s and men’s games, it will be four minutes from ends 1-4 and four minutes 15 seconds from ends 5-8; in mixed doubles, there will be two minutes 50 seconds and then three minutes.

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