29 August 2018

Curling World Cup teams to earn World Curling Tour ranking points

© WCF / Richard Gray

Ranking points to be won for teams competing in the Curling World Cup

All teams competing in the Curling World Cup will earn points for the World Curling Tour ranking system - also known as the Order of Merit.

The World Curling Tour ranking is for individual teams and can include multiple teams from a single Member Association or professional multi-national teams. It is essentially a world team ranking - curling’s equivalent of tennis’ ATP World Tour ranking or golf’s PGA Tour world ranking.

The inaugural leg of the new four-stage Curling World Cup gets underway on 12 September in Suzhou, China, and will be the first opportunity for the teams competing in the inaugural series to earn Order of Merit points available in all three disciplines – women’s, men’s and mixed doubles.

Not only that, teams will also have the chance to compete for a cash pot of $USD 165,000, split across the three disciplines.

The World Curling Tour ranking is separate and distinct to the World Rankings, which are administered by the World Curling Federation, and which rank the Member Associations as a whole over a full four-year Olympic Cycle, in various disciplines.

The World Curling Tour ranking belongs to, and is administered by, the World Curling Tour. Teams can earn these Order of Merit points at all official World Curling Tour events, which also include Canada’s Grand Slam of Curling competitions.

Points can also be earned by teams competing at other World Curling Federation events, such as World, European and Pacific-Asia Curling Championships, as well as the Olympic Winter Games.

The Order of Merit points system factors in four key elements, in each competition:

  • the size of the field
  • the strength of the field – based on results from previous competitions
  • the size of the purse – the amount of money to be won
  • and the relative importance of each event – which scale for provincials all the way up to the Olympics

For more information on how the World Curling Tour ranking and Order of Merit points are calculated visit, www.worldcurl.com

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