7 January 2019

Edin gets sneak preview of home ice for leg three

WCF / Celine Stucki

Omaha finalist wins national title in Jonkoping and look forward to quick return

World champion Niklas Edin cannot wait to return to Jonkoping Curling Club for leg three of the Curling World Cup after clinching the Swedish national title at the same venue last weekend.

Team Edin were 5-2 winners over Team Fredrik Nyman in Sunday’s final and the 33-year-old told Swedish newspaper JNYTT that the event had only whetted his appetite to return to the city.

“It is exciting that in less than a month there will be an even bigger competition,” said the skip. “It is an international event and a little bit different with arrangements for the ice.

“There will give the club and Swedish curling a good reputation. It has been a long time since we had a big international competition here.”

Team Edin reached the final in Curling World Cup leg two in Omaha before being defeated by home favourites Team John Shuster 3-1 in a cagey affair. Edin, however, now has crucial local knowledge of how the Jonkoping ice will perform.

“The ice is very fast," he said. "It's like the international sheets we are used to, but very rarely do we play in Sweden or on the European tour. There is also a little difference on the ice surface compared to regular arena ice, as it is in a curling hall.

“It will be little change for us, but it is very good ice and after some matches, we will be able to play close to flawlessly.”

Johan Fahlstroom was in charge of the club’s preparations for the national championships, as well as the Curling World Cup later this month. He said it has been “trouble-free” so far at the venue.

“It's really great to get started and refine the routines. To go through everything, it becomes like a warm-up for us before the Curling World Cup” said Fahlstroom, who is on the competition committee at Swedish Curling.

“We have spent quite a bit of time on this and it has been trouble-free. Everyone is happy and it has been good ice so far, it feels good.”

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