1 June 2018

Kingdomway Sports the driving force to boost curling in the build-up to Beijing 2022

Group's chief says mission is to get 300million Chinese taking part in Winter sports

Kingdomway Sports, the promotional partner behind the Curling World Cup, sees the new competition as a key element in getting 300 million Chinese to take part in Winter sports by 2022.

Jiang Bin, chief executive of the Kingdomway Group, said: "For creating atmosphere to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, all the final competitions will be held in Beijing in the next four years.

"Meanwhile, we welcome more cities which devote themselves in Winter sports and the project for 300 million people, to join us.

“Kingdomway will improve the promotion, step by step and aim to provide high-level and professional competition for the curling amateur."

Photo: Chinese Curling Association / Kingdomway Sports

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