24 August 2018

“Let curling’s greatest nations collide!”

WCF / Uli Kapp

Curling World Cup Sport Manager Uli Kapp stokes up Suzhou excitement

The venue for the eagerly-anticipated Curling World Cup first leg has been called “extraordinary” by the man tasked with preparing the stadium for next month’s Suzhou showpiece.

Athletes from 10 nations will converge on the city in south eastern Jiangsu Province in China, 100km from Shanghai, to begin the battle to qualify for the Grand Final in Beijing in May.

Uli Kapp, Sport Manager for the Curling World Cup, is currently preparing the brand new Suzhou Olympic Sport Centre in Suzhou for the top-class athletes who will do battle there starting on 12 September.

Kapp will be a familiar face to curling fans. The German has five world medals, competed at two Winter Olympic Games and is a three-time European champion as well as a top-class coach.

“Being appointed Curling World Cup Sport Manager I feel privileged to support the creation of a most popular and attractive curling platform to lead our sport into the next decades,” Uli commented.

"Visiting the Olympic Sport Centre of Suzhou we witnessed an extraordinary, brand new and attractive location. In my view it is the perfect kick-off point for the inaugural Curling World Cup.”

He added: “Although it has been - and still is - pretty challenging for all stakeholders to have everything in place on 12 September, watching the field of play getting into place when we were there, I feel pretty confident that players and fans will love it.

"I can’t wait until the first stones run down the ice in Suzhou. It will be still curling, but with quite some innovations we want to start a new era. So let curling’s greatest nations collide!"

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