14 August 2018

One-stone shootout drama excites Russia's Guzieva

WCF/Mike Burns

World Championship bronze medallist intrigued by one-stone shootout format

Russia’s Julia Guzieva is relishing the prospect of one-stone shootouts in the forthcoming inaugural Curling World Cup series.

The first leg of competition gets under way next month in Suzhou, China and includes new rule changes which will make the new four-leg international series more dynamic and appealing.

Guzieva, who hopes to be included in the Russian women’s rink, believes the introduction of a one-stone shootout to decide tied games will “add excitement” to the competition.

Guzieva said: “The introduction of the one-stone shootout is a clear evidence of the phrase ‘here and now’. It puts more pressure on the player who executes the shot.

“But we are used to making the last stone draws to determine who has the hammer, so I believe that players should cope with their emotions. This new addition will cut the game time and add some excitement.”

The 29-year-old was awarded the title of ‘Master of Sports of Russia of International Class’ in 2016, the second highest rank of sporting excellence awarded by the Russian government. She was also part of Russia’s bronze medal-winning team at this year’s World Championships in Ontario, Canada.

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If selected, Guzieva will be looking forward to discovering more about China which hosts the opening leg in Suzhou, as well as the Grand Final in Beijing in May.

“I would personally like to know more about the culture and traditions of the local people,” Guzieva said.

“China is a place that I haven’t visited a lot, and I think that for my team and I it would be really interesting to explore the city of Suzhou and China as a country.”

Guzieva, from Kaliningrad, does not take for granted representing her nation at events such as these.

“It is a great honour to participate in the Curling World Cup, wearing the colours of my country,” she said. “It is also a great feeling to realise that you are the one who represents your country at these competitions.”

Main picture: Julia Guzieva (centre) with Galina Arsenkina and Julia Portunova competing at the World Curling Championship.

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