25 April 2019

Team Sidorova "finding their rhythm" ahead of Beijing

WCF / Celine Stucki

Former world silver medallist opens up ahead of Russians' return to Chinese capital

Russian skip Anna Sidorova is preparing to return to Beijing - where she won a silver medal two years ago at the World Women’s Curling Championship - to compete in the Curling World Cup Grand Final. We spoke to the 28-year-old about her hopes for China, her thoughts on the Curling World Cup’s first season and what she gets up to when competing around the globe.

Your team underwent a few changes this season with Julia Portunova and Julia Guzieva replacing Alexandra Raeva and Nkeiruka Ezekh as second and lead respectively. How would reflect on your season?

We had to change the front of our team and struggled in the beginning of this season to find a rhythm between us all, but we are getting better with time and game experience, so we are looking forward to play even better in China next month.

You have played in two Curling World Cup events previously, what do you think of the competition?

We definitely like the new event and its format. It was a huge news for the teams, but we like eight-end games and separate timings for each end as the games can go faster with a higher dynamic.

How are you preparing for the Grand Final in Beijing?

We don’t have any tournaments to play in before the Grand Final, but we will go for a week-long sport camp before the event to get a chance to practice together as a team and rehearse all the small team details.

WCF / Celine Stucki

In Beijing, Team Sidorova have been drawn alongside Team Anna Hasselborg, Team Silvana Tirinzoni and Team Minji Kim – excited?

We are really excited for Beijing! It seems like the Grand Final is the main tournament of this season for our team, so we are really looking forward to playing good curling over there. Even if this is the first Curling World Cup Grand Final ever, it’s always great to win when competing against the best of the best.

You will be returning to the city where you won your world silver medal two years ago – how does it feel returning to Beijing?

As we have changed our line-up since then, just two of us will come to Beijing for the second time, but the memory of winning silver makes us feel very special.

When you’re not on the ice, what will you get up to in China?

We always try to see as much as possible when we travel the world. We love to get a feel of the local atmosphere, get to know some traditions and visit all the popular places.

Lastly, what inspires you?

The great thing that inspires each athlete is when you win and get your well-deserved medal, you get a chance to stand on the podium and listen to your national anthem and the thought of your parents who will be proud of one’s achievements.

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