20 September 2018

Top five quotes from Suzhou

Some of our favourite lines from the athletes at the first leg at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre

"The shootout is a really cool idea. It’s super. I’m in heaven!"

Sweden’s Robin Ahlberg was full of joy after winning the first ever one-stone shootout. His partner, Therese Vestman, was closest to the button by a matter of inches and beat Russia 7-6.

"That's the closest measure I've ever had to win a game. It was crazy. We had them by two little clicks!"

United States skip Rich Ruohonen was a relieved man after their group game with China was decided by a couple of centimetres. Locked at 5-5 in the eighth end, Jialiang Zang's final stone came to rest right next to the States' shot rock.

"It was a pretty special feeling winning the Olympics then winning the silver at the Worlds three weeks after. Afterwards, we couldn't figure out what we were feeling. We felt empty inside even though we thought we should have been up in the clouds. We couldn't understand it. When we got back on the ice in the summer, we remembered why we loved curling. Curling is our safety net. We're back and it feels nice."

Vice-skip Sara McManus lifts the lid on a difficult and emotional off-season for Sweden's Team Hasselborg

© WCF / Céline Stucki

"Playing with Sander is a lot of fun - he actually listens to what I say!”

Kristin Skaslien finds Sander Roelvaag a little more receptive to advice than her former mixed doubles partner - and boyfriend - Magnus Nedregotten!

"The stadium here is so impressive, it’s unbelievable. I certainly wouldn't mind a curling arena like this in my home town! If this is where we’re playing the Curling World Cup, where are we going to play the Olympics - on the moon?!"

Olympic silver medallist Martin Rios was blown away by the Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre after Switzerland's mixed doubles win over China

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