3 June 2019

Top 10 photos from the 2018-2019 Curling World Cup


We pick our favourites over the season...

In its inaugural season, the Curling World Cup has provided us with many memorable moments. From Suzhou to Beijing, via Omaha and Jonkoping, our photographer Céline Stucki has captured these memories.

Here we’ve chosen ten of our favourites – a difficult and substantial task – from this season’s four-city competition.


1. Jonkoping ice

Jonkoping was home to the third and final qualifying leg, and it’s fair to say the Swedish crowd got behind their teams. It appeared to do the trick, as Team Niklas Edin and Team Anna Hasselborg both reached the finals. This image encapsulates how each fan was engrossed by the action on ice.


2. All-action Muyres

Sometimes, you just can’t take your eye off the line. Canada’s Kirk Muyres was laser-focused on the end result back in Suzhou, with he and his partner Laura Walker sharing a chuckle afterwards.


3. Say cheese

Céline is constantly on the go, ensuring the audience are able to enjoy the latest at our events, but it appears Kadriana Sahaidak and Colton Lott weren’t quite on the same page. It’s the imperfections which make photographs memorable.


4. Ulsrud’s goodbye

We’d be lying if we said a few tears weren’t shed when Team Thomas Ulsrud said their farewell in Beijing. Here the skip blows a kiss to his wife in the crowd after he played his final game following a long and illustrious career.


5. Here comes the boom

The Curling World Cup is full of surprises and we love to make things a little different for our showpiece games. What better way to be introduced to the crowd than sliding through the gate with flames either side? The players loved it, the spectators loved it and so did you back home...


6. Selfie on point

Team John Shuster took the United States by storm after their glory in PyeongChang and when we stopped off in Omaha, the crowd were lapping the Olympic champions up. What’s better than capturing the moment as others do the same?


7. All smiles for Japan

It had been a sensational 2018 for Team SatsukI Fujisawa with an Olympic bronze medal to start and Omaha glory to finish. Celine is able to capture the utter joy across the face of vice-skip Chinami Yoshida as they booked their spot in the Grand Final.


8. Romance springs

We're pretty confident that Therese Westman and Robin Ahlberg enjoyed their first victory in Suzhou as they celebrated with a heart-warming kiss. A special moment for the young couple.


9. Fist pump

Context isn’t always everything – sometimes it just looks brilliant. Here we see Tori Koana of Japan celebrate a well-executed shot with a simple fist pump but the contrast of the black background stands out.


10. Kids in the house

And to finish in Beijing, fittingly so, Céline captured a few of the many school children to witness the drama in the Grand Final. We think they’ll be back...

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