11 May 2019

We speak to birthday girl Shannon Birchard

©WCF / Celine Stucki

Birchard turns 25th today! Let's find out a little more about her...

It might be the final day of the round-robin stage here in Beijing, but it also happens to be Shannon Birchard’s 25th birthday! Before she blew out the candles and unwrapped her present, we got to know a little more about Team Jennifer Jones’ second...

Let's start with the good old classic! One down with the hammer or one up without?

Up one without.

Favourite Chinese food?

Anything Dim Sum.

Instagram, Facebook or Twitter?


A week in the sun or a week exploring a city?

A week exploring a city. A few places I’ve always wanted to see are: Lisbon, Portugal; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Sydney, Australia; and Tokyo, Japan. The list goes on…

Favourite shot to play?

Out-turn double peel up the middle.

Growing up, who did you idolise on the ice and why?

Colleen Jones and Kim Kelly. They were the dominant team at the time when I was learning to curl. I met them at the Worlds in Winnipeg when I was eight and they totally inspired me to start curling competitively.

Favourite music to listen to?

Golden oldies! 60s, 70s and 80s-era music.

Greatest movie ever made?

Not sure it’s the greatest ever made, but my favourite is The Princess Bride.

What is your proudest curling moment?

Making the walk down the ice after winning the Scotties. It’s something that I had dreamed about since I was a little girl.

Lastly, do you have any pre-game/post-game rituals and what are they?

Aside from making sure we always sit in the same spots in the car on the way to games, nothing.

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